Sunday, March 5, 2017

What you see

Spectral Colors

This Seven of Summer in traditional tarot is the Seven of Cups.  Choices based on how you feel about something(s).  The base of the card gives us a directive -  'Your power comes from making a decision. Confusion that arise from overanalyzing the options.' 
That happens doesn't it, when we are given a myriad of choices, it becomes difficult to choose.  This fairy is holding up a crystal or prism and the light beam that travels through shows us the options.  Also, they are the colors of a rainbow and the seven major charkras.  I often wonder if the colors I see are viewed as the same colors of others.  Blue is blue, and yet I can see many variances of blue - between light blue and dark blue, so others may see a midnight blue when I see a violet blue.
A decision can be hard to make when there are infinite possibilities in that choice.

Fairy Tarot Cards - Illustrations by Howard David Johnson.  Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine


  1. I think Revlon has 70 shades of pink lipstick. Hard to believe there are 70 shades of anything humans can detect.

  2. Reminds me of the discussion of the color of a dress that was going around the internet:

  3. M says she know exactly which shades of lipstick she owns but I wonder sometimes. They look all the same to me.
    Not choosing can leave you in a kind of limbo and is a choice too

  4. I have eight or more leopard print coats to me each unique. K just sees a hefalump in the hallway.