Saturday, March 25, 2017


Basic Nature

This card reminds me of the Scorpion and Turtle fable.
A scorpion unable to cross the river asks a turtle to give him a ride across.  The turtle replies "no way you will sting me" and the scorpion replies that it will not because then they would both die crossing the river.  The turtle agrees and of course the scorpion does sting the turtle.  The turtle laments and asks why the scorpion stung him as they now will both die in the river and scorpion replies, "because it is my nature."

I guess I best not trust everyone.

The Tarot of Durer cards


  1. Luckily, unlike animals, we have the capacity to change our nature.

  2. "it is my nature" Tia Dalma's response to Davy Jones...
    If we really understand our own nature, we could be better able to cope with other folk's nature. Pretty heavy lifting though...hard to face our own positives and faults. Boy are we screwed up...

  3. Don't have to make an immediate judgment about someone, but no need to chuck common sense out the window either.