Friday, March 24, 2017

Stormy weather

As above so below?

This card feels like a microcosmic version of The Wheel. Maybe the Wheel in action in day to day events.  Here is birth into troubled times.  Yet something new brings renewed hope instead of the apathy normally present in the four of cups. 

I also saw the bird in reverse action.  Earlier in week the feather, than a few days later, a bird in repose during stormy weather, and now the birth of the bird.  Ending, middle, and beginning; the flow of time in reverse?

The Tarot of Durer


  1. Love this rendition of the Four of Cups. It is so much more promising than a bored guy sitting on his bum

  2. There is a protective circle and a protective fence, yet the bird has decided to hatch from its protective egg. :)