Thursday, March 30, 2017

Taking care of business

Ah, another King.
I have drawn another King today, and the message is clear.  Yesterday I began the set up a new computer system.  Things are a hot mess.  Not only do I have to get used to a new operating system but continue to work on downloading and transfer files.  Alas, this becomes more challenging as I add on a few years, adaptability has become in short supply in my life.  I had to copy this poor king from another website instead of scanning him from my own deck.   So maybe the Kings are here to help me master my techno lacking. We shall see. 


  1. Hopefully you'll get everything sorted out very soon. I am lucky to have a daughter who is very proficient with computers.
    Life is getting more complicated by the day and yes the wisdom of old age isn't enough for these kind of situations :)

  2. I dread when I will have to unlearn Windows 7 for the latest system. Hope things get squared away soon and you are feeling confident as this king!

  3. Of all the things I've learned I've always felt computer stuff is the hardest. Yet once I've figured it out it really was easy because it is all built on some basics that repeat across the system.

  4. That is a vivid king of wands. I can see why you thought of windows? Occasionally i do marvellous things on the mac with no idea how...hope the file transfer goes well.