Monday, March 20, 2017


An eight is an eight is an eight.

I drew an eight yesterday and now this eight.  I wonder if this artisan had perfected the craft of making cups and threw them out the window and now has perfected the pentacle.  Repetition and routine can be a bore and a chore and comfortable and safe.

Janina Renee in her book, TAROT Your Everyday Guide, explains when eights appear it might be best to consider the numerological meaning and eights can be about "choices that preserve order and balance, even if doing so requires suppression of some impulses and desires."
Makes me think about the lemniscate, an eight laid out on it's side. Looping over and and over again.  Routine can be safe and it can also be a trap.

The Tarot of the Durer


  1. good morning, I think we are all up, lets meet for coffee!

    1. Sounds good, hot tea for me, otherwise you will all be chasing me around and it will feel like a game of musical chairs.

    2. I'm in fetching a cup now :)

  2. Just try to do one thing differently to brake the loop and let it ripple out from there
    Take care my dear