Saturday, March 11, 2017

Time Change

Daylight Savings Time

Tonight is the night, to remember to move my clocks forward for an hour.  It takes me weeks to adjust to this time change.  It is unsettling to my rhythm.  When we fall back in time in November that seems more natural, same twenty four hours. Since I am self employed it doesn't affect me as much as others, still.  Maybe since the perception is we 'lose' an hour and then we spend the next seven and half months looking for it, is the unsettling part.  I was never one for hide n seek.


  1. My sleep patterns have been so disrupted lately that I wake up at 3:30am every morning. At least with the time change I can get closer to a more normal wake-up hour. :D

  2. I have the same experiences as you have. luckily we still have two week of "normal" time

  3. I hate the whole idea, so useless in a 24/7 world.
    My daisy is right here behind my rock

  4. Every year it happens I think of buying blackout curtains so I can sleep till 6...