Wednesday, March 15, 2017



My energy is sluggish this morning.  Time change x Cold weather = a draggy Carolyn. 

The notation on the back of the card:
"We need a constant supply of mental energy to carry us through the challenges of life, but remember that, to have a healing effect, the quality of energy generated in this symbol-based meditation is as important as is quantity."
So maybe to up my energy level I should focus on this card with its image of exciting-uplifting energy and hopefully that will super-charge my battery pack.  Not today it won't.  Maybe a big dose of some caffeine will do the trick.  Or maybe put on my CD of Abba and get myself revved and ready.

This would have been a perfect card for my 'Mermaid Week'


  1. Haha Dancing Queen, young and sweet, only seventeen"
    A perfect song to "spice up your life"
    I hope you will feel better soon

  2. I put my fitbit in the drawer a few weeks ago, for the first time in at least five years. I'm draggier than you are, and my father is bigger than your father :)

    1. Whattt??? I thought you and your fitbit were inseperable. My energy lagged all day, but, but, I did get some paperwork under control.