Tuesday, December 20, 2016


This is me doing my Happy Dance!

Today is a Happy Dance Day.  Well everyday is really a happy dance day, but sometimes instead of Cheerful Carolyn I can be Crotchety Carolyn.  It reminds me there are always two sides to my nature.  The light and the not so light.  Today is the shortest day of the year as tomorrow marks the Winter Solstice at 5:44 am EST which many consider the shortest day. So today is one of the shortest days of the year, or something like that.  Today, tomorrow, and the day after have to be kind of grouped together as we turn to the Light.
I understand that Winter is needed.  Our trees need a long winters rest,  the fields need to be fallow for a season for better crops, and without Winter I would not appreciate the Spring and Summer.
I love all the seasons, but dance a little more in the Light.

Gratitude is our Abracadabra.

eartheart wisdom - Sue Lion


  1. Gratitude is our Abracadabra - truer words were never said!

    1. I hope you have a Happy Dance Day too! Your artwork is enchanting.

  2. I love the magic of Gratitude too. It can turn the shortest day and darkest night into a Christmas gift
    I love Autumn and Winter so I am dancing my happy dance
    Hopefully your days are filled with beautiful gifts too