Saturday, December 10, 2016

More than four walls

What makes a house a home? This week I have drawn the house card several times on and off camera.  Today's draw of two homes really makes me think that there is something that I need to pay attention too, otherwise I just may get hit over the head with an I-beam.

When I look at the house, home, and now the big house card I don't get any sense of some relayed bit of information, no warning bell, not even a twinge of anything.  I mean the obvious is I work in the real estate field, but that is not what is being conveyed here either.
Maybe it is a simple as the advice my Father gave me, first and always keep a roof over your head.  That is great advice since it has turned cold and wintry here and I am ever so grateful for home and central heat.   Guess I will think on it some more today.

CELTIC Lenormand - Will Worthington & Chloe McCracken


  1. Hold open house in your smallest listing, followed by open house in your biggest listi> December was always a good sales month here.

    1. That is a pretty good idea. Though 2 weeks before Christmas puts a damper on it. I have been pretty busy with business lately. I can be proactive and schedule in New Year. Thanks for suggestion.

  2. I was just thinking something similar to Sharyn. Going from home to a place where people congregate for one reason or another. :)