Friday, December 23, 2016


Earlier this morning I drew this Justice card from the eartheart oracle deck and wondered what it might be relaying to me.  The words on the card speak of:  Peace embraces heart, creates change, believes in hope, and stands for love.

I looked at the lovely dancers who reminded me of The Pleiades,the daughters of Atlas who carries the World on his shoulder.  Here the three speak of peace as a way to justice, and would I think, carry their Father's burden if possible. 
My internet was out this morning so it gave me more time to think and ponder.  Sad news came to me this morning after the draw.  Someone that I know, his Mother passed last night and even more painful is a friend of mine grandson committed suicide last night in her home.  Sad and tragic.  I too would try to help carry their burden and share their grief if I could, but having experienced the passing of loved ones and almost leaving the earth myself, I know that I can be sympathetic but the burden of loss must be carried by them.

I don't know where Justice may come into all of this, but I can be present and offer my hand in compassion and peace.


  1. I love the idea of justice being something that creates peace and nourishes others instead of just punishing them. I read somewhere about a tribe who would put a thief in the center of the community, and each person would tell that person good things about him or her. It was a way to remind them that they have good inside and should act from that place. What a different way to hand out justice. So sorry to hear about the death of your friends loved ones. May they find a place of peace and comfort even amidst their deep grief.

    1. I too read that story of tribal support instead of punishment. Lovely example for us all.

  2. Holding space is often the only thign you can do.