Sunday, December 4, 2016

Affect vs Effect

As above so below.

UPS has it's national hub in Louisville, I live right across the Ohio river in Southern Indiana about 22 miles from the airport.  The UPS jets are non stop this time of year, and on the weekend with limited business flights, OH MY!
Overhead approximately every minute a jet goes over, and there are several other major approaches to the airport.  At night when I am trying to get to sleep the overhead traffic can become like a earworm, relentless with its distracting noise.  I sometimes wonder what all that sky traffic is doing to the air and how much of those chemicals of burnt fuel fall to Earth?  Only time will tell, though I sure it will not be a pretty story.

CELTIC Lenormand
Choe McCracken & Will Worthington


  1. You should have picked a better realtor. (falls down laughing) I have a friend that lived in the cutest little cottage..about 100 feet from the railroad. She said after a few weeks she didn't even notice it.

    I hear no freeway or rail noise here in the day time, at night it is clear as a bell. We are about 1.5" from them. Weird that.

    1. There is no place in this general area that escapes the constant entourage of UPS planes during the holidays.

  2. I think about people who live near the paper mills and deal with the smell; I guess it is similar, just a different sense affected.
    Sharyn is on a roll. :D

    1. Her husband is home from his vaca in Australia.