Monday, December 5, 2016

attracting opposites

Sometimes you just have to allow the imagery time to convey.  I have a hair color and cut appointment this morning so these cards may just be that.  Cut and Color.

Light and Dark
High Noon - Full Moon
Dry and Wet
Hack away and drift along
Land and sea
Loaves and fishes
Work and play
The work we do and the way we feel about it
Cultivated land and rugged sea coast

Not sure where all these contrasts lead me?  Maybe it will be a really interesting day with lots of this n that.

CELTIC Lenormand


  1. Replies
    1. Pretty much the same. Color to blend my gray and dark hair. I have a large scar on my head so I try to keep that covered. And of course my curly hair does as it pleases.

  2. Love you lists of contrasts. :) Reminds me that experiencing one can often help me appreciate the other.

    1. That's what I came up with. The booklet indicated the scythe portended some sudden hacking in my life, and I guess maybe intuition with the second. I looked at the contrasts which made more sense to me. The loaves and fishes popped in my head, go figure that one.

  3. New profile picture please!
    Love the creative way of how you approach these lenormand cards!

    1. My hair cut is the same and the hair color a blend. I keep suggesting to the gal that I go to about streaks of blue or red. She keeps telling me no! Maybe the Spring I will cut loose and be fancy me.