Monday, May 7, 2018

Winners and winners

Feather in your cap!

I wonder who is the real winner here?  The Merchant that has come to purchase hand crafted athames or the Craftsman who has produced such beautiful pieces of work.  Some would say the Merchant who has the extra monies to indulge his fanciful lifestyle, but is he.  He collects and flaunts and brags, while the Artisan has spent his time crafting a piece of artwork which also can serve as a weapon or something to be used in other daily forms of work or lifestyle. Money and power are one thing, a good days work another.
Of course the Craftmans will turn around and spend his earnings on home, and hearth, and other materials to maintain his lifestyle, so maybe everyone is  a winner when the community works in harmony.

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  1. Crafting anything by hand is becoming a lost art. I'm rooting for the craftsman! :)