Friday, May 25, 2018


Pearl of Wisdom

I actually drew the High Priestess again this morning and after a bit I decided to replace her back in the deck and find her again with her companion card...The Four of Water(Cups).  The mermaid is offering me a Pearl of Wisdom, something to consider.  Will I take the pearl or piece of advice that will be offered to me today?  Perhaps a High Priestess will offer that pearl. 
I flipped over and did a search of Pearls of Wisdom and a site popped up that looks pretty interesting with bits of this and that and pearls of wisdom, so later today when I finish my work-a-day life, I might spend some time in research.
I love mermaids.

The Good Tarot

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  1. Dad's Pearl. Don't spend your money all in one place.
    Mother's Pearl. A job includes painting the backside, the side people don't see.
    I've taken both to heart