Saturday, May 12, 2018

Squeeze Play

Well earned time out.

This is a pretty laid back King of Wands.  Where's the hustle bustle, the strong assertiveness that this King usually portrays?  It is there, just beneath the surface.  Completely assured with himself, so much so he doesn't have to prove anything anymore. 
I work with a King of Cups that acts like a King of Wands but you can see the insecurity beneath the bravdo.  Not so with this King.  He knows his business and he knows you know. 
Good advice for us all.  Know your stuff and your confidence helps you relax and be this kind of self-assured. The other day some one quoted Wayne Dyer and said he said "what do you get when you squeeze an orange - orange juice of course."  Then he said "pay attention to what you get when someone gets squeezed hard and then you know what they are really made of."  Or something like that.  I really like that analogy. 

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