Thursday, May 3, 2018

Speak your mind

Left Brain - Right Brain

Your thoughts and opinions on things can change and sometimes rapidly if you are a Gemini, like this Knight of Swords.  Not all Sword's knights are Gemini, but this one is.  Her/His version of things change depending on which side of the twin is speaking.  It really is best not to get into a debate or squabble with this Gemini cause you can't win, especially when it is two against one.
For today if I run into someone that changes her or his mind mid-stream, I know that the person is a twinsie.

Celestial Tarot


  1. better changeable midstream I suppose, although it can be aggravating, than someone whose every thought is written in stone.

  2. I guess being flexible might not be a bad thing, but wishy-washy not so much.