Friday, May 4, 2018

Pony Up

Sometimes you win and sometimes you don't.

That's the nature of things.  Sometime you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you.  With Pegasus as the central figure in this Five of Swords I would guess today I get the upper hand in some situation.  I am not currently in any dispute or standoff situation but that can change as fast as the second hand on the clock. 
Do the best you can, do what is right and truthful, and hope for the best. 

Celestial Tarot


  1. amazing how a day or a life can turn on a dime. we go along complacent and life.

  2. Since we can't win them all, we should choose our battles wisely

    1. I don't want to get in any battles. Sit on the porch and sip my diet pepsi