Sunday, May 27, 2018


Inspiration or perspiration?

I must have pulled a half a dozen of decks from the draw and shuffled through them and did not have a bit of insight or connection to any of the cards that presented themselves.  You can look and look and if you get nothing then that's what you get.  So I gave up and chose this card.  It's pretty with a hint of Spring or early Summer, just where we are on the calendar. Maybe that is the choice today.  Nothing except maybe plant a couple of pots of flowers and just let the day be.
Seek and Sing - And the earth bursts forth with mercurial beauty as the energy of change infuses us with joy. Seek. Sing. Love. Linger. Breathe. Bathe in her sparkling scent.

Eartheart Wisdom - Sue Lion

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  1. I flapped around on deck choice this morning, cross because my Zillich isn't here yet :) Earthhart was very nearly chosen. I'll enjoy your use this week.