Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Time well spent

Practice Practice Practice

There are days when I pull a card from one of the decks that all kinds of magic, myth, and or mayhem may present themselves.  People, places, situations that intrigue and fascinate.  Then there are days that nothing much seems to be happening and others when you don't even want to make a draw.  What I do know is, that with practice and consistent time spent with my cards and continued reading of others blogs and books on Tarot and Oracles I have come to a better understanding of the Art and realize that there is still more to learn.  As with any craftsman practice makes perfect.

The Goddess Tarot


  1. I still had some brainpower when I started with tarot. and wished later I hadn't started with keywords because it seemed like a dead end later. Now they are just jumping off points and sometimes I have to look them up :)

    1. I read a bunch of books and thought so much to learn. One gal that I knew that did readings said "put the books away and go with you intuition or first impressions" I do both. It's just for me so, no biggie. I don't think and income can be made from readings; could be wrong.

  2. I wish someone had told me to learn a framework and the build the rest on intuitive reading. I can remember getting rid of decks because they didn't follow the keywords I had learned!