Tuesday, January 30, 2018


What is going on here?

I drew the Four of Cups again this morning, so I guess she had more to say to me.  I replaced the card back in the deck and reshuffled and searched for her and her companion card to clarify.  From discontent to craftiness; I can see it. Sometimes to dig us out of place of dissatisfaction we may resort to trickery to make us feel better.  This Seven of Air(Swords) is too soft to convey the sense of underhandedness.  Still the angel is wearing a mask, so we really don't who she is and what she is up to.  Maybe she is appearing demure to catch a goose for dinner?
I noticed that Baron-Reid places masks on a fair share of cards in this deck. A lot us wear different masks when we are out in the day to day mix of things.
For today I need to keep my head up and be aware of some possible misrepresentation on another's part.


  1. had a comment (don't I always...) got sidetracked into a search for faces on my own blog, and forgot to come back and finish my comment. 7 of Swords in Sharynland, cheating myself by inattention. :) Good morning!

  2. That bird-mask and the geese make me think of how these birds imprint on the first thing they see when hatching.