Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Be the Change

Optimism Innovation - the opposite

Be the Change.
Kick up your heels.
Lead Follow or get out of the way.
Someone has to be in charge.  If it is your own life, it damn well should be yourself.  I am in a rut and this King advises to do something.  If the goal seems to far away I need to figure out what bit of something will start me on my way.
The authors reversed card meaning, strikes a cord today:  "If you feel like you are wasting time, focus your energy on something that is more meaningful to you. It's okay to change your mind if a situation is influencing you negatively." 

SPIRITSONG Tarot - Paulina Cassidy


  1. The Acorns/Pentacles folks seem to do things in stages rather than all in one leap. Perhaps just one step in a new direction... :)

  2. The Acorns in this deck are Wands. Crystals are Pentacles, all a bit confusing.