Thursday, January 18, 2018

On gossamer wings

Song sung blue, everybody knows one.

This Queen of Cups has traveled to the sea to watch the Full Moon's rays dance upon the waves.  Enchantment; as a Queen of Cups she is at one with the sea.  She has returned to the shore for solitude and solace.  There is comfort in the lullaby of the waves.  She listens to the sound of eternity as she holds a shell to her ear and  will take it with her as a reminder of the song of the sea.  I too go to the shore to find comfort and healing.  These long cold days of winter reminds me my feet were meant to walk in sand, not pound the pavement in boots. Time to plan a vacation.

The Goddess Tarot


  1. That is a wise Queen of Cups; she knows she must replenish her own cup to be of service to others.

  2. a poetic post, thank you for shining words