Saturday, January 28, 2017

Luck be a Lady

What a lovely and auspicious card to draw today.  New Moon and the Chinese New Year!

I read recently that luck is about two/thirds preparation.  So if this Nine of Cups is the wishes fulfilled cards it will not be just happenstance.  If I am not in the mindset to experience happy wonderful and lucky coincidences, then I won't even be aware of them. I love finding pennies, glimpse of rainbows, sun rays streaking through the clouds, ladybugs and so much more.  I also love the opportunity to be of assistance for another and I am grateful when I have the means and ability to do so.  With so much positive energy swirling about I am going to write nine wishes on separate pieces of paper and place one in one of nine cups and start my preparations for those happy 'coincidences.'

the Green Witch Tarot - Ann Moura


  1. What a lovely idea! I hope your wishes will come true!

  2. the written wishes are the beginning of luck, because it sets you formally on the path. The path you make toward that goal isn't luck it is action.

  3. My practical side would agree with the 2/3s preparation idea. Writing the wishes are like making intentions - they'll give you a direction to start moving toward.

  4. Visualising helps also - gets used a lot in life coaching as it activates the mind to notice opportunities. I hope your cup flows over with happy coincidences...