Sunday, January 15, 2017

Buckle up

Does it take Strength to just let some things go that no longer serve us?  This goddess OYA holds dominion over the wind, lighting, and storms.  She appears to be stirring up a tempest and even the fauna know it is time to seek shelter.

This is one of the those decks of the Tarot that the author has placed Strength in position XI, displacing Justice to VII, which just doesn't figure with the story line of tarot.  I do find it fascinating that Strength either follows The Chariot or in this case, The Wheel.  In both instances something has changed, some movement has occurred that brings Strength in, to help us accept that change.
So I am guessing that since Strength has paid me a visit at the first of the week I can look for some kind of change in my day to day or at least be on the look out for some stormy weather.

Keywords from the card: Courage, Inner Strength, Leadership.

The GODDESS Tarot - Kris Waldherr


  1. Interesting how some Strength cards portray it as a power to draw from (the courage of the spiritual warrior) and others as something to tame (keep us from being impulsive and help us become more compassionate).

    1. Either way I think Strength is best situated after the Chariot as card XIII

  2. I love this deck. Wonderful Waldherr art and great myths that are always new to me...