Saturday, January 14, 2017

Corner post

Gargoyle of  Notre Dame de Paris.  I did not know gargoyles were built and placed to be water spouts to move water out and away from the building to slow the erosion of water on mortar and masonry.

This Knave or Page of Swords I think was sent to the top of the building for a time out.  He needed to see the consequences of his actions on the city.  His thoughts and deeds got him into so much mischief; he had to stand in his corner so many times, he became a permanent  part of the structure.
When we were children we too had to go stand in the corner for punishment.  I only went once maybe twice and knew it wasn't for me so I behaved myself to avoid discipline.  I wasn't necessarily a goodie two shoes, just a bit smarter and managed not get caught when I did step out of line.
This is the second Page I have drawn this week.  Something new possibly on it way to me?  Some new thought or type of work?  Maybe a reminder not to stay too long at one thing.

Sacred Site Tarot -Massimiliano Filadoro & Federico Penco
Lo Scarabeo


  1. The gargoyle water spout made me think of how the Page of Swords often says things without much tact or diplomacy. Yet sometimes that is the heavy weight that becomes the thing no one wants to talk about that needs to be talked about (like the spout draining off the water).

  2. For me the Page of Swords is also about new ways of looking at things; a fresh and perhaps childlike perspective. What better place to discover such insights than on the top of a mountain or high building.