Tuesday, January 3, 2017


I would love to grow a Mermaids tail.  My legs really ache today from all the walking in the airport terminals and up and down the beach yesterday afternoon.  The sea is too cold to frolick in; I am sure, it would not be  so if I were a mermaid.  I have given myself the gift of a week off and have come to the sea to rest and a bit of recuperating.  A bit of an escape.  I will have to do some work this week, but it will not seem like such a burden when you can look out your window and see the Sun glistening on the water.
Maybe today I can catch sight of some of my long ago kin as I search the surface of the sea.  One day I am sure I will return.
This adventure continues on two legs.


  1. “words
    like mysterious mermaids
    come and live permanently
    in the soft sweeps
    and scars of my skin.”
    ― Sanober Khan

  2. Or maybe you're; are a selkie with her pelt tucked away in a locked chest

    1. Quite possibly. I feel more complete when near water. I still haven't figured out why I incarnated so far inland. Maybe because I am bound to my family and I promised I would stay put this time around?

  3. Glad you took the week off. There is something so relaxing about walking on the beach and listening to the waves roll in.