Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Don't tell me I can't

Even the smallest can make a change.

I am enchanted with this Ace of Swords.  No way something as small as a mouse can make a change.  This mouse is not giving up on her quest to reach the heights of the Ace. 
Today I have been battling the big bad cable company.  There have been spotty outages and poor reception in the last few weeks.  Spectrum recently bought TimeWarner.  Instead of saying we are in the midst of transition, changing signals and such, the approach is lets blame issues on consumers; they don't know what they are doing, or equipment is old, or you need a service upgrade.  I told the one tech on the phone this morning I did not need him to be dismissive or condescending and disconnected.  Obviously I resolved the issue, though I don't think the battle is over.  Like the mouse I better grab the sword and get ready.  Too bad I don't have some dandelion wine to calm me a bit. 
"Never give up, never, never never give up." Winston Churchill

the Green Witch Tarot  -Ann Moura


  1. Sometimes all we can do is blow some dandelion seeds in the wind and make wish ....